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What is Clarity


Brian Kaplan

What is clarity? How to be clear? these are very important questions. It is very important to be crystal clear in what you want to achieve. People that have clear intentions will almost always be successful.



What does this mean…it means that you know EXACTLY what you want and EXACTLY how you intend to get there. So in order to know these there are some steps that need to be followed.

what is clarity?

1.have a plan
2. Write it down it everyday
4.take small action steps everyday to make this happen

So have an action plan. Get out a piece of paper and write down what your goal is. I mean what it looks like, smells like, feels like, where you will be when you achieve this goal, what reward you will give yourself when it’s achieved.

What is Clarity?


Be very clear. Hear is an example of my goal ” On October 20th 2013 I will be have earning 10k per month in my business. I will know this because the I will physically have this money in my bank account. The first thing I will do is hug my wife as I get online to by tickets to Disney World for my family”

This is what clear intentions are. So focused that you can reach out and touch them and others could describe them as well.

The human brain is very powerful. It truly helps to have these goals written down or voice recorded so they are ingrained in your memory. I set mine on voice record and loop it over and over so I can fall asleep to it.

This helps me to know what is clarity

Sounds a bit extreme but it works.

The most important aspect is to what is clarity  is to take these actions in small attainable steps to make them a reality. The compound effect will take place, making it much easier to become clear.

So if you’re interested in becoming more clear as well as earning some money doing what you love.. click the link below

what is clarity

Brian Kaplan

Or if you would like to read more of my blog post click here


Success from home



Brian Kaplan

Why success from home can be achieved with a simple three step formula.
But before that you must know exactly what you aim to achieve. All successful
people have certain qualities.

People who have success from home or success period, all know exactly what they want and have a very clear outcome of what it will look like.

To get to where they achieve the success they want, they must be willing to trust in themselves and take certain risks.

It always kills me when people judge what it is I’m doing to be successful from home.
I believe it is because of there own insecurities that they must try to bring others down.

To that I say “you be right I’ll be rich”…I generally tell people that want success to follow my simple formula. In order to do that they must click the buy button…


Because 100 percent of the time people fail because they fail to take action. When I created my success from home, I took action. It looked like this.

1. I bought a system that works ( 1st action step)

2. I implemented the training

3. I started before I knew how to be perfect at it (Most important) Fire ,ready ,aim

4 rinse and repeat

Guess what it works.. All you have to do is hit the buy button below

Everyone who wishes to have home success follows those steps

and I will get you started… So really the simple on thing that has created success from home for thousands of people is waiting as close as a small red button.

Unless you really don’t want to drive the car you want or live where you want or vacation where you want, I guess if that is the case don’t buy

Thanks for watching my video and I look forward to working closely with you.


success from home

Also check out my other posts here.



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